Credit Union One chooses Extractable for Web site revamp

Source: Extractable

Extractable, a leading Web strategy consultancy, announced that Michigan-based Credit Union ONE has selected the firm to conduct the strategic planning and design of its Web site.

Serving more than 117,000 members across the state, the credit union partnered with Extractable based on the industry expertise that its employees bring to each project.

"We considered other Web design companies that had experience working with credit unions," Chad Knott, e-commerce manager at Credit Union ONE, explained. "However, none of them possessed the level of expertise that Extractable has in not only the financial services industry, but also in other sectors as well. This variety of knowledge allows the employees to be more innovative because they bring a number of unique perspectives to the table."

Extractable conducts extensive research to understand the needs of each of its clients' Web site visitors and best determines how the design can address those individual needs and also meet the business goals of the financial institution. The company uses analytics to continue this research once the Web site is complete to aid in long-term Web support engagements.

"The main reason why we chose to redesign the Web site is because of the many opportunities that leveraging the online channel can present," Tom Schaeffler, EVP/COO at Credit Union ONE, explained. "The Extractable team conducted interviews with the different departments and used an online member survey to develop a strategy that meets the needs of the credit union and the many consumer segments of our members."

The information on the new Web site will be streamlined, making it easier for members to find products and services. It will also feature online account opening and funding, secure e-mail communication with the credit union staff, blogging, RSS feeds and online employment applications.

"We can't build branches on every corner," Schaeffler said. "However by providing an excellent Web site, we can offer product and services to members any time, anywhere. Right now, 90 percent of our members who visit the Web site use our home banking product. We are anticipating that the number of our Web site and home banking users will increase dramatically with the launch of the new Web site."

"The online channel is fast becoming a more and more vital tool for credit unions to leverage to remain competitive and attract members from all age groups," Craig McLaughlin, CEO at Extractable, said. "The management team at Credit Union ONE has brought together the needs of its internal departments and members to create an interactive Web site that will position it to provide a higher level of customer service to every member, whether they're in front of a teller window or a personal computer."

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