IPC introduces EVS media service platform

Source: IPC Systems

IPC Systems, the leading provider of indispensable communications solutions to financial services firms, today announced that it has launched the first IP-based Media Service that enhances the capabilities of traditional Trader Voice services.

Through the combined use of VoIP and the deployment of a next generation SIP media server, IPC EVS Media Service takes traditional trader voice capabilities to the next level, supporting signaling conversion and routing features to deliver enhanced services to IPC's on-net customers.

The platform builds upon IPC's existing EVS (Enterprise Voice Services) product suite, currently in use worldwide by many of the world's largest trading organizations. The EVS Media Service eliminates signaling compatibility issues associated with trader voice services delivered among regional markets around the world. New benefits include support for call bridging, dynamic hoot & holler at business continuity sites, and trader mobility.

"As the recognized leader in indispensable communications solutions, IPC is focused on offering new and innovative tools and solutions to the trading community to improve trader productivity," says Marianne Leitch, SVP and General Manager of IPC Network Services. "The EVS Media Service platform solves new challenges such as business continuity and trader mobility. Our goal is to anticipate our clients' business needs, and we believe EVS Media Service represents the next logical step in trader communications."

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