Linedata implements Screen's Infomatch software

Source: Screen INFOmatch

Screen INFOmatch, independent experts in market data and providers of market data management solutions, and Linedata Services (BFT) Ltd today announced they have entered into an agreement with respect to the use of Screen's INFOmatch software.

Linedata, a global leader in the financial technology market, has chosen to implement INFOmatch after a thorough review of different systems, supporting contract management. In its decision process the company focussed on market data contract management systems rather than generic back-office systems, because of the complex nature of market data contracts and pricing structures.

"We have selected INFOmatch because we were extremely impressed by its ease-of-use and structured billing process", says Nimesh Bharadia, Head of market & static data at Linedata. "Initially the system will support Linedata's contract management processes, but we are considering to use INFOmatch for other areas of the business in the future."

John Lathouwers, Director Operations Screen INFOmatch, states: "We are really proud and exited to welcome Linedata to the INFOmatch community. INFOmatch's install base consists primarily of financial institutions. We notice however, a growing demand for professional market data management tools in the market data vendor industry. The deal with Linedata illustrates this."

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