Pyxis Mobile reports alliance with AFA and IIS

Source: Pyxis Mobile

Pyxis Mobile, the leading provider of innovative wireless software that meets the diverse needs of the financial services industry, announced today its alliance with Advanced Financial Applications, Inc. (AFA) and International Information Systems Group LLC (IIS) to provide access to IMPACT Pro Mobile.

AFA is a leading provider of trading technologies to buy- and sell-side financial organizations, and IIS is the network service provider for the program.

This alliance enables Pyxis Mobile, AFA, and IIS to offer these solutions at a competitive rate to financial firms both large and small.

IMPACT Pro users can now view an array of information available on the platform, including:
  • Profit and loss
  • Portfolios, positions and percent change
  • Order status, transaction summary, ticket details and order reports
  • Watch lists in all symbols that users are following
  • Status of allocations such as average price and funds allocated

    The expanded offering allows for viewing only and does not permit order interaction. Clients are able, however, due to the information available, to make decisions from anywhere at any time. Consequently, they can oversee order executions, and manage portfolios, trades and allocations.

    "Our alliance with AFA provides IMPACT Pro users an industry-leading mobile solution," says David Sayles, Director of Partner Alliances for Pyxis Mobile. "These are financial professionals that are on the move and need access to the multiple back-end systems that they connect to every day. We can provide them this access through IMPACT Pro Mobile."

    "Previously, smaller firms and individual traders did not have access to the mobile financial technology that larger firms could afford," states Anthony Jett, President of IIS. "Access to information on-the-go was simply cost prohibitive for many of these firms until IMPACT Pro."

    Pat Lynch, CEO of AFA, says, "At AFA, we are committed to providing a suite of services to our clients over the functionally robust IMPACT Pro platform. By providing our clients remote mobile access through Pyxis Mobile, they will be able to know where their portfolios stand, and be in a position to decide if they need to take action. We believe this enhancement not only gives our current clients more control of their acctivity, but provides AFA with yet another offering that will prove to be of value to a wider prospective client base."
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