BB&T rolls out Planon workplace management system

Source: Planon

BB&T Corporation, the 14th largest financial holding company in the US, expanded rapidly since the late 1980s by acquiring 60 community banks and thrifts, more than 85 insurance agencies, and 35 non-bank financial services companies.

The company's Support Services Division also grew rapidly to keep up with the responsibility of managing 2,000 real estate properties comprised of more than 13.5 million square feet. As the organization grew, facility management methodologies and data sources became fragmented silos of information which resulted in many redundancies. In the fall of 2006, the Support Services Division began an intensive evaluation of Integrated Workplace Management Systems in an effort to consolidate information sources and become proactive in offering real estate services to the bank. The Company ultimately chose Planon as the system that best met its requirements.

In the summer of 2007, BB&T implemented its first phase of the Planon Enterprise Edition. By April 2008, all of BB&T Support Services - including Facilities Management and Maintenance Services - will be working with the Planon Solutions Portfolio. All processes related to facilities projects and planned and reactive maintenance will be supported by Planon at that time. Employees of the bank can already submit service requests, report maintenance issues, and order products via the Planon Employee Self Service Portal. Employees can check the status of their requests and orders at any time and interact with Support Services directly through the Portal. Orders are routed directly to external service providers and can be managed in the vendor's own back office system via an interface to the Planon database. The interface allows vendors to follow-up on calls, request additional information, provide quotes and estimates, and ultimately complete their work orders and initiate the invoicing process. The BB&T Support Services staff can easily obtain the status on any outstanding orders and measure vendor performance as it relates to SLA agreements.

Some figures:
  • Over 28,000 BB&T employees will have access to the Employee Self Service Portal and have the ability to place service calls or order assets.
  • Over 150 BB&T Support Services staff work with the ProCenter Java client.
  • Employees at 20 external vendors are working with the system via the ProCenter Java client.
  • Over 15,000 facilities and reactive maintenance orders and over 6,000 preventive maintenance orders have been created in the system in the first 3 months of use.
  • Approximately 40 million dollars in invoices will be processed on a yearly basis by the Planon system on reactive maintenance alone. When the Lease Administration for over 1,500 locations and Construction Projects go into production on the Planon system this figure is expected to reach several hundred million dollars.

Integrating Planon Mobile is the next phase in BB&T's Planon implementation. Using Planon Mobile Solutions, maintenance staff and technicians can receive and update the status of work orders, enter working hours, enter costs, and enter parts used during reactive and planned maintenance activities.

Planon's Solution Architects have over twenty-five years implementing Planon's industry leading IWMS solutions. Using industry leading Best Practices for Real Estate Management including lease management, transaction management, and project management, assures a successful and comprehensive real estate management solution. The final phase of the Planon implementation is scheduled to be completed in June 2008.

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