York Capital implements Vantage investment management software

Source: Vantage Reporting

Vantage Reporting, the only vendor that provides private investment firms with customizable software modules that extend their existing systems, today announced that York Capital has selected Vantage Investor to streamline and improve the $13 billion AUM investment advisor's global investor servicing and communications.

Built on Microsoft's open and flexible .NET Web development platform, Vantage Investor enhances virtually any investment management solution by adding dynamic contact relationship management (CRM) tools tailored for each client environment. Vantage Investor is one of the company's five modular solutions that encompass the private investment lifecycle, from deal flow management and portfolio performance reporting to fundraising and investor servicing.

"Vantage's unique value proposition of specialized solutions that are customized for each client and adaptable to incumbent solutions was a critical factor in our choice," says Brooke Parish, managing director at York Capital. "We found only Vantage offers the flexible web-based functionality that extends our existing infrastructure to help us deliver superior investor servicing and support."

York Capital implemented Vantage Investor across the firm's strategically and globally diverse hedge funds. The solution centralizes and helps York manage complex hierarchical contact, account and entity relationships to improve fundraising and servicing to prospective and existing investors. Vantage Investor correlates information and communications, such as call notes and investor reports, delivering dynamic intelligence to enhance investor servicing and support.

"York Capital is among the elite private investment firms that want their software to fit the way they work and not the other way around," says Vantage Reporting CEO Greg Woolf. "They wanted customized and powerfully flexible CRM support across both their on- and off-shore funds, and we were in the unique position to meet their specific requirements."

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