Diebold talks up China ATM sales

Source: Diebold

Since July, Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE: DBD), a global leader in providing integrated, self- service delivery and security systems and services to the financial industry, recently finalized agreements to sell more than 6,000 Opteva automated teller machines (ATMs) to numerous China banks.

The ATMs will increase security, upgrade the quality of financial service to consumers and improve customer satisfaction within China's financial self-service networks.

Customers for these orders include Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Postal Savings Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and China Construction Bank. Each order from the latter two financial institutions exceeds 2,000 units.

"These agreements clearly reflect the strong value proposition of our products and services in the rapidly growing China banking market," said Daniel Hu, Diebold's vice president and managing director, North Asia and China. "Diebold is uniquely positioned to help banks in China increase customer service and satisfaction by improving their self-service networks."

While Diebold has sold numerous Opteva models to China customers, its bulk cash recycle machines (BCRMs) remain a popular choice in the region. The terminal emulates a teller transaction by allowing customers to make envelope- free cash deposits or withdraw up to 100 bills at once. It also validates, denominates, counts and deposits currency, as well as dispenses (or recycles) it.

The BCRM also facilitates customer bill payment, account inquiries and fund transfers, while providing financial institutions with the capability of running MPEG video for advertising and branding. Diebold recently announced that, in an effort to provide cash and other financial services for consumers, it struck an agreement with the Chinese oil supplier Sinopec Corporation and local commercial banks to deploy ATMs at Sinopec's fuel stations in Beijing.

Diebold's Advanced Skimming Detection technology is engineered directly into its Opteva ATMs. The anti-fraud technology is the most effective way to guard against card skimming - the act of retrieving consumers' account information from the ATM card's magnetic strip via a fraudulent device illegally mounted to an ATM.

Opteva uses the Agilis family of Microsoft Windows-based ATM software that allows financial institutions to manage relationships with their customers and simultaneously market to their customers' individual needs. The Agilis solution gives financial institutions seemingly endless opportunities to reach individual customers through Opteva. These solutions enable ATM personalization to support specific locales and languages; present segmentation-specific advertising messages; deliver one-to-one marketing campaigns; customize ATM screens; maintain centralized control of marketing content; and obtain detailed marketing reports on usage, views and prospect lists and more.

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