Cameron State Bank implements VSoft cheque image capture software

Source: VSoft Corporation

VSoft Corporation, a global information and technology provider of process improvement solutions for financial institutions, announced that Cameron State Bank, a 23-branch bank headquartered in Lake Charles, La., has chosen to implement its Branch and Merchant Capture software.

The VSoft implementation will allow the bank to capture check images at both branch and merchant customer locations.

"VSoft's Remote Capture software will extend the benefits of image exchange to our branches and customers," said Loyd Rion, executive vice president, Cameron State Bank. "Branches will realize improved back office productivity and reduced transportation costs, while customers will see increased funds availability and better service. By implementing Merchant Capture, geographic boundaries will be eliminated, allowing us to target new customers who were previously out of reach."

With Branch Capture, Cameron State Bank's branches use small scanners to capture check images at the remote locations and transmit them to the central site for processing. The need to transport physical checks is eliminated, and the bank's operations are streamlined.

The Merchant Capture software will allow Cameron State Bank's merchant and corporate customers to capture check images at their locations and send them electronically to the bank. This eliminates the need to travel to the bank for deposits. Businesses can consolidate their deposits into a single preferred financial institution, averting any geographical dependency. The window for accepting deposits is increased, and funds become available to the customer more quickly.

"With the implementation of VSoft's Remote Capture software, Cameron State Bank is positioned to take full advantage of the benefits inherent in Check 21," said Murthy Veeraghanta, president, VSoft Corporation. "The bank will see operational improvements, cost reductions, improved customer service for existing customers and an opportunity to gain new business customers regardless of physical location."

Cameron State Bank will initially implement VSoft's Branch Capture at five of their branch locations, with plans to eventually extend imaging capabilities to all 23 branches.

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