Pre-paid card outfit Tuxedo introduces SMS-based security features

Source: Tuxedo Money Solutions

A simple text message via a mobile phone will now enable you to manage your money on your prepaid card, thanks to a new service incorporating the latest technology from prepaid market leader Tuxedo Money Solutions.

Facilities designed for easy card management include allowing you to text instructions via your mobile phone including "block" to lock your card, "unblock" to re-activate your funds and "lost" or "stolen" to stop all use. You even get free SMS alerts sent to your phone when your balance is low and needs topping-up. And because with the Tuxedo eccount you can give others their own card to share money, you have peace of mind that you remain in control.

The card allows "unallocated funds" to be held off of the card in an online "eccount" from where money can be safely moved on to your Tuxedo MasterCard or Maestro prepaid card.

As part of the Tuxedo eccount all users of Tuxedo Cards can move emoney from their eccount to their Tuxedo card by sending text messages via their mobile phones, giving them flexible spending power anytime, anywhere, ensuring that Tuxedo customers are always one step ahead in managing their funds.

The Tuxedo MasterCard Prepaid card is an ideal way to spend money online since it is not linked to a bank account and limits possibility of fraud. The eccount service launches with an offer of up to 15% cash back on online purchases made at top brand name stores across the UK.

"We have added these new features to the eccount after several months of intense development and testing. They set an entirely new product standard in the industry and offer consumers the definitive market leading service in prepaid," said Mark Simon, CEO of Tuxedo Money Solutions.

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