Collis says CPA/CCD Test Suites qualified by EMVCo

Source: Collis

Collis' CPA/CCD Test Suites have been qualified by EMVCo. This Test Suite is qualified for EMVCo CPA Level 2 v1.0.b and CCD Level 2 v4.1.b (relevent to CPA only).

Collis is very pleased to announce that EMVCo has formally qualified the CPA/CCD Test Suites. Collis' CPA/CCD Test Suites are the perfect solution for testing CPA/CCD compliance according to EMVCo test requirements.

With over 1500 test cases (for CPA & CCD) from EMVCo implemented, Card Developers can assure the compliance and certification of their cards and terminals by testing their products with the CPA/CCD Test Suites.

These Test Suites allow Smart Card Developers to test their smart card applications. CPA/CCD protocols are complex and the CPA/CCD Test Suites assure that your product functions according to EMVCo CPA/CCD specifications and handles the communication between a card and terminal (interface) correctly. With the CPA/CCD Test Suites, tests can be run during the development process of the card such that possible errors maybe discovered at an early stage.

The Collis CPA/CCD Test Suites are:
  • CPA Level 2 Test Suite v1.0.0 tests EMV application behaviour on CPA cards. The tool tests functions such as profile selection, Visa Low Value Payment (VLP), Authorisation Token and more.
  • CCD Level 2 Test Suite v1.1.0 tests the minimum functionality on a card required to run an EMV transaction. This Test Suite has only been tested for CPA compliant implementations. It may need to be updated for other types of CCD implementations.

Dirk Jan van den Heuvel, CEO, Collis, adds: "Collis is pleased with the formal qualification of the CPA/CCD Test Suites by EMVCo. By using the CPA/CCD Test Suites during development, possible errors maybe discovered at an early stage. Enhanced interoperability and a shorter time to market is ensured with Collis' CPA/CCD Test Suites.

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