CBA to join Yieldbroker platform

Source: Yieldbroker

Yieldbroker Pty, today announced that the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) had entered in to an agreement to participate in Yieldbroker's dealer-to-client and inter-dealer markets.

The news follows similar announcements over recent months from ANZ, RBC and TD.

Together with Yieldbroker's shareholder banks ABN Amro, Citi, Deutsche Bank and Macquarie Bank, Yieldbroker's clients, comprised of fund managers and institutional and government investors, are now able to transact with eight fixed income pricemakers over the Yieldbroker dealing platform.

Yieldbroker's Client Relationship Manager, John Kimpton, welcomed the announcement "we are delighted that a participant with the market presence of the CBA has joined Yieldbroker. With most of the leading pricemakers now consolidated on one trading platform, our clients, both domestically and internationally, can access an unprecedented depth of liquidity in debt securities and be assured that they are transacting at the best available levels in the market."

In welcoming CBA General Manager, Richard Swift, also outlined further projects that Yieldbroker was developing, "We have recently commenced trials on our inter-dealer trading system among the sell-side members of our existing community. The positive response during these trials combined with demand from external banks to sign up has given us a sense of optimism for our future in this space. Yieldbroker has always been about delivering execution and processing efficiencies and generating cost savings for our banking participants. By moving into other markets segments, expanding the range of financial products in which we operate and pursuing initiatives such as straight-through-processing we are seeking to further increase these benefits".

Macquarie Bank's Paul Bide, Yieldbroker's chairman, elaborated "it is exciting to see our long-term commitment to broadening Yieldbroker's functionality beyond being a dealer to client hub endorsed by others. The ability to trade with each other on the platform directly is something we think is useful to the market and the lower costs make it a compelling addition to the market's liquidity sources. Along with other recent additions to the number of participants to the platform, we are delighted to have gained the support of CBA." Bide added "Yieldbroker's shared utility model delivers us with not only natural economies of scale but an ability to collaboratively produce leading-edge, best practice technological and operating solutions for our market. Gross revenues from transactional securities flows are not large and our motivation is the obvious one - we're seeking to make interbank and client transactions as efficient and low cost as possible".

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