Wipro to integrate and resell TriCipher authentication system

Source: TriCipher

TriCipher today announced that Wipro (NYSE: WIT) will be the leading integrator and reseller of TriCipher's Armored Credential System (TACS), delivering strong online authentication to eCommerce and enterprise portals.

This strategic partnership brings together TriCipher's innovative approach to online identity, consumer and enterprise portal protection and Wipro's global services for solutions design, implementation and deployment. Now, Wipro customers have easy access to the most cost-effective, secure and scalable online authentication tools available today.

"Wipro's expertise and capabilities are a natural fit with TriCipher's underlying strategy to deepen our footprint in core vertical markets, including financial services and medical, while expanding into new markets like eCommerce, healthcare and retail," said Vatsal Sonecha, vice president of business development and strategy for TriCipher.

Wipro ESS has a large team of architects and consultants experienced in implementing various online security projects for BFSI, Healthcare, Retail, and eCommerce customers. The TriCipher Lab within the ESS Centre of Excellence serves as an excellent workbench for Wipro consultants to showcase simulated scenarios wherein TriCipher products are leveraged to address current customer challenges. Given the increasing sophistication of attacks targeted at compromising user identity and undermining the authentication process, these joint solutions are designed for customers looking for proven and cost effective identity protection and multi-factor transaction authentication - the only solutions demonstrated to be effective in preventing not only Man-In-The-Middle but also Man-In-The-Browser attacks.

Just recently, TriCipher extended its authentication portfolio with Armored VPN, a new solution designed to lower by 85 percent enterprise remote access authentication costs. Enterprises and partners get a new, easy-to-deploy, secure and affordable solution to protect remote workers and significantly reduce and even eliminate costly one-time password tokens.

TriCipher's flexible TACS solution enables companies to quickly strengthen authentication methods with:
  • Multi-part credenntials with patented split-key technology, making credential theft virtually impossible.
  • Public key infrastructure (PKI) technology built directly into Web browsers to offer secure user authentication, transaction authentication, and digital signing.
  • Portable, multi-use two-factor devices, including USB smart drives, iPods.

"We're seeing enormous demand for highly secure but affordable online authentication solutions," said Prasenjit Saha, vice president of Enterprise Security Solutions Practice at Wipro. "We're incredibly excited to add TriCipher's advanced authentication approach to our portfolio, so that we can continue to offer our customers the best technology solutions on the market."

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