Vhayu enhances Velocity

Source: Vhayu

Vhayu, a leader in streaming tick processing and persistence software, today announced the launch of an enhanced version of Velocity its patented market data platform.

Velocity Order Book Analyzer 2.0 will allow clients to see more data faster by providing visibility of prices and liquidity across markets in a single display. It is also the first solution available on the market that combines real-time and historical market data analysis and storage for order books.

Vhayu Velocity Order Book Analyzer 2.0 was created to meet with regulatory pressures brought on by Reg NMS in the U.S. and MiFID in Europe. These regulations have resulted in fragmentation of quote and trade data and have dramatically altered existing market structures. By using Order Book Analyzer 2.0 firms will be able to gain a greater view of the market place.

With the emergence of new Multiple Trading Facilities (MTFs) and Electronic Communication Networks (ECNs) in the financial market landscape, traders and dealers need to find the best place and price for execution. Order Book Analyzer 2.0 allows them to subscribe to existing order book data for a given instrument from multiple markets, from a single or multiple feeds, and then republish the data in various consolidated forms to create a virtual order book view under a single data record allowing brokers to react quickly and view more data at one time.

Jeff Hudson, CEO of Vhayu, said, "In order to comply and thrive in this new environment, possessing the capability to capture, analyze and store the entire order book, both in real-time and historically is crucial for success. Order Book Analyzer was architected to give brokers the power to process and store terabytes of tick data on a daily basis to perform pre and post trade analysis. At the same time they will be able to devise new smart order routing strategies and produce customized analytics which examine historical patterns in an order book to decide the best places to trade at a given time", he added. We have many customers in all major financial centers and we have heard uniformly that they desire a product that works for all international mararkets, that is cross asset class, and analyzes order books in real time and allows for the fast recreation of the order book as it existed at any point in the past.

Order Book Analyzer 2.0 provides customers with many benefits including:
  • Maintaining the full depth of a globally consolidated order book in real-time;
  • Support multiple asset classes - equities, fixed income and futures;
  • Analyze order books in real time and store them for subsequent retrieval;
  • The ability to query/recreate over 5 years of order book data in seconds;
  • Providing multiple aggregation views;
  • Defined book views on a per query basis for any interval of time;
  • Published snapshots and updates through Vhayu EventStream interface;
  • The ability to publish to any third party messaging application;
  • Capability of embedding custom liquidity analytics for smart order routing;
  • Supporting all North American and European exchanges.

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