First National Bank Of Ipswich rolls out Comodo's authentication tools

Source: Comodo

Comodo, a global Certification Authority and leading provider of Identity and Trust Assurance Management solutions, announced today that The First National Bank of Ipswich (FNBI) has selected a combination of Comodo solutions designed to provide site and user verification.

FNBI will deploy Comodo's Two Factor Authentication solution, Comodo EV SSL certificates, and Comodo Content Verification Certificates. Together, these solutions are meant to provide FNBI with an online presence that is secure with a high level of identity assurance.

Based on strong Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), the Comodo solutions deliver a highly secure and innovative way to create a mutual-authentication model that confirms the site and user identity that is easy on the user and the bank. Importantly, these solutions leverage the mature and proven PKI platform so that banks can benefit from a holistic offering that provides ease of deployment, cost effectiveness, and a highly secure PKI platform for mutual authentication processes.

"We've chosen Comodo because they understand how to leverage the best-in-breed security while maintaining the convenience and ease-of-use of our online banking system," said Linda George, AVP of Support Service at The First National Bank of Ipswich. "From a total cost of ownership, Comodo's authentication system provided rapid integration with minimal rollout dependencies, which was a major advantage over any other solutions considered."

Maryjon Brett, SVP of IT & Operations for The First National Bank of Ipswich notes, "Our original two-factor solution was somewhat cumbersome. So we are very excited about the multiple solutions provided by Comodo. The addition of the Comodo EV SSL certificates and Comodo Content Verification Certificates solutions to their Two Factor Authentication solution allows us to stand-by our commitment to offer our customers user friendly state-of-the-art security solutions for their online transactions."

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