Cellpoint and Dibs team on mobile phone credit card payment system

Source: Cellpoint Mobile

DIBS Payment Services and Cellpoint Mobile announced today a partnership to deliver a mobile credit card payment system based on Cellpoint Mobile's mPoint and DIBS' Internet Payment service.

This new system will enable cardholders to make credit card payments for goods and services using their mobile phone, anywhere at any time. Through the use of DIBS' technology all transactions are encrypted to ensure that payments are processed securely, fast and conveniently.

The service will target a wide range of consumer-focused companies such as retailers, airlines, travel agents, limousine services and web-shops.

The new joint service will launch in January of 2008 and the first customers have already signed agreements and will go live immediately after launch.

Several customers have shown interest for the mobile Credit Card Payment system. Among these is Scandinavia's largest "Mixed-electric" retailer: El- Giganten, who plans to launch the system in the beginning of 2008.

Jesper Lohmann, VP Sales, DIBS Payment Services, is very exited about the new partnership with Cellpoint Mobile. "We have many clients who wish to offer cardholders a way to safely pay with their credit cards using their mobile phones but without having to 'read out' their credit card details in public." Mr. Lohmann continues, "Cellpoint Mobile's mPoint system provides the perfect platform for us to securely offer this service to our customers."

Kristian Gjerding, CEO Cellpoint Mobile, believes that the market for this new payment service is huge. "We have clients who have been waiting for a system that enables call centers to initiate credit card payments using a non- verbal format on the cardholders mobile phone, which will go live when we launch in January of 2008." He continues, "DIBS offered us the best partner opportunity due to their market position and credibility with the clearing houses."

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