Credit Suisse signs up for Cast Application Development program

Source: Cast

CAST today announced that Credit Suisse made a significant investment in the CAST Application Intelligence Platform to help govern application development. Having executed a successful pilot with CAST, Credit Suisse decided to roll out the technology to some of the most critical applications supporting the Equities business.

``We were looking for a way to generate more insight into the outcomes of our global development efforts,'' according to Hank Hyatt, Global Head of Equities IT. ``What CAST provides is the means to proactively monitor software quality to more efficiently manage our offshore development efforts, to truly run our application development shop like a business.''

CAST's proven ability to work with large financial services institutions as diverse as Allianz, BNP Paribas, HSBC, and Raymond James, and CAST's value in managing outsourcing engagements is drawing the attention of many Wall Street technology executives. CAST is quickly becoming the point of reference among systems integrators and IT management for measuring performance of development teams and ``technical quality'' of resulting IT systems. Technical quality usually refers to the quality of the architecture manifested in the source code, along with overall software maintainability. Measuring developer outcomes in terms of technical quality is quickly gaining as the accepted approach to manage IT system risks related to performance, security, downtime, and ballooning maintenance costs.

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