Paymetric ships card management application for SAP enterprise systems

Source: Paymetric

Paymetric, a leading provider of innovative payment card software for SAP, announced today the release of PCMA, a payment card management and analytics solution for optimizing payment card processing functionality in native SAP.

Paymetric's PCMA provides tools to optimize credit card acceptance and improve transaction visibility through enhanced payment card utilities, expanded reporting and analytics capabilities, and advanced receivables management functionality.

"Even with all of SAP's strengths and advantages, we found opportunities to further simplify and streamline the process of accepting credit card payments on B2B transactions," said Ken Naumann, Paymetric Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing. "PCMA provides seamless workflow solutions that reduce the cost of accepting credit cards and takes payment card management in SAP to the next level."

PCMA's receivables management tools allow companies to accept credit card payments against an open invoice, a process that in native SAP would require the invoice be cancelled and re-issued through the sales system. PCMA also allows companies to accommodate deposit and down payment processing in SAP by posting debits and credits directly to customer accounts from a payment card. Benefits of these improvements include reduced risk, improved customer satisfaction, and reduced days sales outstanding.

In addition, PCMA expands the library of performance metrics available in native SAP. These new efficiency tools provide statistics and trend patterns to pinpoint where adjustments can be made to reduce credit card transaction costs.

"Companies that have invested in SAP and credit card acceptance programs will realize positive value and ROI from both through PCMA," adds Naumann.

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