AmeriCredit signs for Nomis Price Optimiser

Source: Nomis Solutions

Nomis Solutions, the leader in Profit-Based Pricing for banking and finance, today announced that AmeriCredit Corp., a leading independent automobile finance company, has adopted a Profit-Based Pricing approach enabled by Nomis Price Optimizer for Auto Finance.

The introduction of a Profit-Based Pricing approach is a key component of AmeriCredit's full-spectrum pricing strategy.

AmeriCredit, which offers full-spectrum auto finance solutions, has more than one million customers and generated $8.5 billion in origination volume in its fiscal year 2007. By using the Nomis Price Optimizer for Auto Finance, AmeriCredit can tailor the rates and terms for each dealer, customer, and product combination to provide greater control over credit mix and enable better tracking and control of pricing decisions.

"The Nomis Price Optimizer is our full-spectrum pricing and profitability management solution," stated Tom Schwartz, vice president of profitability analytics at AmeriCredit. "We plan to use the solution across our entire business including subprime, near-prime and prime product lines to help us create better solutions for our dealers and customers."

Nomis Price Optimizer will enable AmeriCredit to analyze transaction data to better understand demand and use it to create more targeted rates and terms for each transaction. Real-time price optimization and negotiation support ensures that each transaction is priced appropriately given its unique characteristics. The solution will also provide valuable insights into how price impacts product and portfolio performance as well as credit mix. Through the use of the software, the pricing team will be able to apply these insights to future decisions and continually improve its pricing process. Nomis Solutions' pricing optimization software also supports compliance by tracking all pricing decisions, and providing the transparency, objectivity, and risk management that regulators require.

"Gaining a better understanding of customer needs will be the cornerstone of growth and profitability for lenders over the next three to five years. Companies that are taking steps to better understand customer needs will gain a competitive advantage," said Dr. Robert L. Phillips, founder, chief science officer and vice president of research and development at Nomis Solutions. "We are excited to help AmeriCredit continue its pioneering efforts in adopting technologies that enable them to better cater to customers and dealers, achieve the next level of performance, and deliver value to shareholders."

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