Dialect Solutions receives J/Secure certification from JCB

Source: Dialect Solutions Group

Dialect Solutions Group, Australia's largest provider of interactive services, payment technologies and payments solutions, has announced that Dialect has received J/Secure certification from JCB, a leading international payment brand.

J/Secure program is a protocol that adds an important secret password identification step to the traditional online shopping process. Similar to entering a PIN at an ATM, it ensures that only the true cardholder can use their credit card details online.

Launched in April 2004, J/Secure is JCB's proprietary authentication program that uses the 3-D Secure(tm) protocol to secure online credit card payments. It was introduced by JCB to provide its customers with greater security and confidence when making Internet credit card payments.

"Dialect's payment technologies lead the market in 3-D Secure functionality and demonstrate our dedication to stay fully compliant with all of the latest developments and initiatives in the payments industry," said Col Chandler, Chief Executive Officer of Dialect Solutions Group. "J/Secure compliance strengthens our existing certifications with Visa's Verified by Visa and MasterCard's MasterCard SecureCode schemes. This is core to Dialect supporting our customers in their aggressive growth plans across all regions."

"Providing an additional step such as J/Secure to online authentication gives cardholders extra peace of mind when transacting over the Internet. This increase in online consumer confidence is reflected in the growth seen across key industry segments such as online travel and entertainment," said Mr. Chandler.

According to IDC, e-commerce spending in Asia Pacific has jumped from $17.5 billion in 2000 to approximately $314 billion in 2004, and from five percent of the total global market to 10 percent over the same period.

"Online transactions will only continue to increase with time which is why authentication protocols such as J/Secure will become even more important as a step against identity fraud in online commerce," said Mr. Chandler.

Dialect delivers payment technologies and secure payment-processing solutions to a number of the world's leading financial institutions, card associations and corporations. Its technology provides secure transaction environments that enable authenticated payments processing between organizations and their customers.

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