Diebold unveils ATM depository technology

Source: Diebold

Keeping stride in its 16-year run as a global leader in deposit automation technology, Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE:DBD) becomes the first major automated teller machine (ATM) provider in the United States to introduce bulk deposit technology with the release of its new bulk document Intelligent Depository Module (IDM).

The advanced IDM technology receives and processes both checks and bill payment documents in bulk. An enhanced, fifth-generation solution, this module accepts and magnetically reads checks inserted in any orientation-even upside down-through an insertion slot placed identically on all of Diebold's Opteva(R) ATMs for a consistent consumer interface. The bulk document IDM's paper-handling capabilities can process crumpled, curled and creased checks.

An envelope-free, high-volume deposit module, the bulk document IDM enables financial institutions to improve their financial self-service investment through migration of deposit transactions from the teller line to the ATM, and through image processing opportunities enabled through check truncation. This module captures high-quality images of the front and back sides of a check, and performs intelligent image quality analyses for integration with ImageWay(R) ATM, Diebold's image processing system.

The bulk document IDM, which handles stacks of up to 30 documents, represents Diebold's initiative to put its technology expertise to work so financial institutions can better serve small-business customers with envelope-free check deposits. The bulk document IDM also enhances the deposit experience for retail customers with multiple checks.

"We specifically designed this IDM according to our extensive consumer research," said Diebold's Ken Justice, vice president, global product marketing and management. "This new self-service offering brings more convenience to small-business customers at the bank branch, which in turn, leads their decisions about where to bank. A direct outcome of our study findings, this user-friendly module enables financial institutions to enhance their customers' experience and draw more clients with such highly requested features as check imaging at the terminal and bulk-check acceptance. In fact, our findings reveal about two-thirds of small-business customers prefer bulk-check acceptance at imaging terminals, primarily for the speed and convenience it delivers."

Diebold's complete solution can be customized as needed to fit local geography requirements. Image processing solutions and services, including those beyond the ATM, represent some candidates for inclusion according to Justice, who added that Diebold's Agilis software provides a rich transaction experience while its systems integration and comprehensive service complete the package.

"With our systems integration expertise and enhanced service offering, OpteView, we believe we have the most complete overall solution on the market," Justice said.

Diebold's advanced self-service offerings cover automated cash and check deposits as well as cash recycling, and its ImageWay suite of solutions provides check processing and clearing services for all capture points - at the ATM, branch and business locations. Complementary services address additional aspects of the imaging environment to increase operational efficiencies. ImageWay solutions are available for in-house, outsourced, and mixed implementations.

Diebold's new bulk deposit IDM is supported on all Opteva terminals with factory and field installation options.

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