Side International adds active profiling to SafeWatch Filtering

Source: EastNets

SIDE International has announced the first implementation of its new 'Profiling' module to extend SIDE SafeWatch Filtering.

This profiling module for SIDE SafeWatch is specially designed for institutions that do not want the costly overhead of a large profiling solution, but still want to implement best practices in risk-based KYC and transaction monitoring.

SIDE International - EastNets Group provides them with a highly modular solution that precisely addresses their needs, at a fraction of the cost.

SIDE SafeWatch Profiling:
  • Highly modular solution
  • Short implementation time
  • Packaged and priced for any type of client
  • Tailored and evolving in order to meet the Institution's real needs and usage

Moreover, customers using SafeWatch today can extend their solution later with this module, protecting the investment they already made, and ensuring a higher ROI than any other solution.

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