Calypso launches confirmation matching module

Source: Calypso Technology

Calypso Technology, a leading provider of capital markets trading software solutions for global financial institutions, today announced the launch of its new confirmation matching module.

This process, built on the latest version of Calypso's award-winning software solution, streamlines and improves the payments workflow matching process by automatically matching incoming and outgoing SWIFT confirmation messages.

Already in production at one client site, the benefits of this new software module are now available to all licensed Calypso users. The automation of matching incoming and outgoing messages eliminates the likelihood of manual errors and therefore reduces risk. Payments can be triggered when matches are confirmed and held when they are not confirmed. This new module also streamlines a number of systems and reduces the dependency on alternative matching systems, producing an overall integrated and efficient system by preventing the need to open separate trading or back office systems. Today the module utilizes SWIFT 300 messages to generate and send out FX confirmations, with support for additional messaging standards in the pipeline.

"As volumes of messages continue to increase, eliminating manual errors is increasingly a priority for our clients," said Guillaume Weeger, Vice President of Education and Training at Calypso. "This latest Calypso software module enables our clients to achieve a number of benefits within one integrated system, thus reflecting our commitment to offering the most comprehensive integrated software solution for trading and processing."

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