Quadrant's data model incorporated into HP's BI system

Source: Quadrant

Quadrant, a leading supplier of compliance and risk solutions, today announced that its B2 Enterprise Risk Data Model will be incorporated into the HP Enterprise Risk Management solution, HP's new business intelligence offering for risk and compliance.

The B2 Enterprise Risk Data Model is a comprehensive industry data model for financial services and encompasses risk, compliance and business intelligence.

Based on HP Neoview, a next-generation data warehousing solution, HP Enterprise Risk Management will enable financial service institutions to build a wide range of risk and compliance applications on a standard, massively scalable business intelligence platform.

To help customers achieve Basel II compliance, Quadrant also announced the availability of its B2, Basel II Advanced Approaches, and SAB2, Basel II Standardised Approach, on the HP Neoview platform.

Paul Lockyear, COO Quadrant said, "We are excited to provide the B2 Enterprise Risk Data Model as a component of the HP Neoview solution. This will put business intelligence at the heart of the enterprise and enable financial services providers to rapidly develop and deploy a wide range of real time compliance, risk and anti-fraud applications".

"Reform of the regulatory framework around the world is acting as a catalyst for financial services institutions to place business intelligence based applications as the key component of best-practice business and risk management," said Geoff Burkholder, director, Business Intelligence Solutions, Financial Services Industry, HP. "Combined with the massively scalable HP Neoview platform, Quadrant's comprehensive B2 Financial Data Model enables us to deliver business intelligence solutions for the largest banks and insurance companies in the world."

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