VMware unveils virtualisation products

Source: VMware

VMware, the virtualization leader, today announced the industry's next generation thin hypervisor to be integrated into server hardware, as well as new desktop management and automated disaster recovery solutions.

The groundbreaking products will be showcased this week at VMworld 2007 in San Francisco.

"Virtualization is rapidly becoming the way computing is done," said Diane Greene, president and CEO of VMware. "VMware released the industry's first hypervisor for x86 systems six years ago, and the industry is now building on that for an infrastructure refresh which is transforming information technology. Organizations of all sizes, with five to 5000 servers, are deriving significant value from moving to a virtualized architecture. VMware has a track record of delivering highly reliable, functional, and groundbreaking product. We also continue our commitment to developing and working with industry standards and to supporting full interoperability with our partners to guarantee our customers complete freedom of choice."

Today VMware announced VMware ESX Server 3i - the industry's next generation thin hypervisor integrated in server hardware and without any operating system requirement or dependence; VMware Virtual Desktop Manager- the company's new connection broker for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI); and VMware Site Recovery Manager - an automation solution for planning and managing recovery from data center outages. This line up of new products and solutions further extends the value of virtualization for organizations of all sizes (see today's related announcements).

"The advancements announced today are in response to our customers' product usage and also VMware's focus on the best customer experience," continued Greene, "The new VMware ESX Server 3i represents the next generation hypervisor architecture. Rather than being tied to the operating system, the hypervisor is an extension of the hardware. Customers running VMware Infrastructure across their datacenter will be able to drop in new hardware boxes and have them automatically detected and added into the pool of available resources for running their operating system and application workloads. VMware ESXX Server 3i raises the bar for reliability, security, and manageability for the virtualization platform. All major server vendors will deliver VMware ESX Server 3i as part of the hardware and servers will arrive at the customer's site virtualization-enabled."

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