Vasco signs Azlan-Tech Data as distributor; upgrades Digipass Packs for SMEs

Source: Vasco Data Security International

Vasco Data Security International (Nasdaq: VDSI), the leading software security company specializing in authentication products, today announced that it has signed a non-exclusive distribution agreement with Azlan-Tech Data, a leading ICT distributor in Europe and the Middle East.

Azlan-Tech Data has a pan-European network of over 8,500 resellers, which means that Digipass Packs might soon appear in the computer store around the corner.

The partnership boosts the availability of VASCO's award winning Digipass Pack product bundles in EMEA's most important geographical markets. Together with Azlan-Tech Data, VASCO broadens the reach of its best-of-breed authentication products. VASCO's products have initially been developed to secure the assets of retail and corporate customers of financial institutions. VASCO brought banking-level security to other vertical markets, by bundling its renowned Digipass and VACMAN Middleware strong authentication products into handy, plug-and-play Digipass Packs. Any company, regardless its size and occupation, is a potential Digipass Pack customer. Digipass Packs are available for 5 users onwards and are solely distributed via VASCO's channel partners.

"We believe that the combination of VASCO's best-of-breed authentication technology and Azlan-Tech Data's extensive network and leverage power will bring Digipass Pack into the reach of hundreds of thousands small and medium sized enterprises," said Jan Valcke, VASCO's President and COO. "Every organization faces security threats. Together with Azlan-Tech Data, we offer flexible, effective and affordable solutions to counter hacking, fraud and identity theft."

"Security is today one of the most important issues for all organizations," Jan Iversen, Director Software and Security at Azlan Europe continues. "Good security is a must and all businesses must take adequate steps to address these issues. Many companies face increasing needs to open up their IT infrastructure not only to mobile and remote workers, but also to contractors, partners and customers. Resellers need to know that they can trust the solutions that they recommend to their customers entirely. With VASCO's products and expertise they have that reassurance and are able to meet the authentication needs of both enterprise and SME customers."

Azlan will be working with Vasco to enable value-added resellers meeting the ever-increasing requirements of IT Users. In particular, Azlan plans to broaden the scope of available solutions and services for resellers through the Azlan Business Protection Solutions initiative. This scheme helps VARs to develop and retain business by bringing together partners with complementary skills.

Separately, VASCO Data Security International, Inc. (Nasdaq: VDSI), the leading software security company specializing in authentication products, today announced its next generation of Digipass Packs. VASCO's Digipass Packs offer out-of-the-box solutions for remote access, network access or the combination of both. Digipass Packs will be available through VASCO's worldwide indirect sales channel.

VASCO's Digipass Packs allows Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME) to easily add two-factor authentication to their existing authentication procedures. By implementing VASCO's strong authentication, SME's proactively react to high tech fraud schemes, like Phishing and Pharming, as well as to low tech fraud schemes, like employees who jot down passwords on sticky notes.

The next generation of Digipass Packs is available in 3 categories and all packs are available for 5 users and more.

Digipass Pack for Remote Authentication offers secure two-factor authentication and e-signature software that allows remote workers to safely logon to the corporate network. This pack includes 5 Digipass GO3 and 5 end user licenses for VACMAN Middleware 3.0 for RADIUS.

Digipass Pack for Network Authentication provides smart card based secure user access to operating systems, servers, applications, protected websites and portals. The bundle is available in two options: USB (with 5 Digipass 905 card readers) or PCMCIA (with 5 Omnikey card readers) and comes with 5 Digipass smart cards.

Digipass Pack for Remote and Network Authentication combines user authentication for remote and local access while providing added security. This combined solution contains 5 Digipass 860 and 5 end user licenses for Digipass logon software and VACMAN Middleware 3.0 for RADIUS.

All packs can be easily upgraded to suit the needs of growing companies. Additionally, all packs contain software installation CD's, a quick installation manual and one year of software maintenance and support services.

End user prices for Digipass Packs for 5 users start at $285/Euro 228/GBP 146 ex.VAT.

"The next generation of Digipass Packs fits perfectly in VASCO's strategy to bring the high level security used in the banking sector, to SME's," says Jan Valcke, VASCO's President & COO. "With Digipass Packs, every company is able to raise the security of the entire company, with minimal effort."

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