VoiceSage launches interactive voice tools for banks

Source: VoiceSage

VoiceSage, the specialist provider of interactive voice messaging products, today announced the launch of two new solutions designed to help financial organisations communicate en masse with customers whilst still maintaining a personal touch.

The solutions offer an easy-to-use, cost-effective way for organisations to improve productivity and optimise the deployment of credit management and customer service personnel and resources. However, VoiceSage's automated voice messaging does not forfeit personalisation, as messages can be customised with recipients' names and any other specific details if required.

VoiceSage Financial Services enables banks, insurance firms and other financial organisations to maintain effective, meaningful contact with their customers, automating routine tasks such as verifying recent customer transactions or providing share price information, and leaving skilled agents free to resolve in-depth enquiries.

VoiceSage Credit and Collections Manager is designed for credit card issuers, B2C credit management departments and debt collection companies to automate customer outreach, increase customer debt awareness, and more importantly, ensure payments are collected. The solution is proven to help organisations reach 33 percent more customers than is possible using traditional call centre-based methods - crucial since the more times someone is contacted about resolving debts, the greater the chances of recovering the money quickly.

VoiceSage solutions are able to intelligently recognise whether they have reached the intended person or an answer machine, cutting out the time and expense of skilled customer service agents doing the same job. Once the customer is reached, they can then be routed to a human agent if required, allowing staff to focus only on higher value business, and decrease the volume of outbound calls they are forced to make. If an answer phone is detected, the solutions can be used to leave a personalised voicemail. Alternatively, they can be configured to automatically send a text message.

The solutions can also integrate with automated payment systems, greatly boosting the payments collected, by automatically recalling the details of customers successfullllssfully reached, making them aware of the debt, and providing them with the option of paying there and then. In this way, it allows customers to resolve payment issues quickly and simply without the need for them to retrieve old bills or account reference numbers.

Both solutions are web-based, available on-demand and accessible via a simple browser, thus removing the need for expensive, upfront and complex hardware or software installations. This places businesses in immediate and complete control of their consumer communications outreach. Furthermore, the solutions can be easily and quickly integrated with existing business IT systems if required, to enable further personalisation within messages

"Whether it's communicating information about new services, fraud verification or chasing up debts, many firms waste huge amounts of money and lose thousands of agent hours unsuccessfully trying to reach their customers when they could devoting their energies to more complex enquiries or revenue-generating activities," said Mark Oppermann, business development director at VoiceSage. "Using VoiceSage, companies can minimise these costs and ensure that skilled agents are no longer left performing menial tasks, while more customers are being reached than ever before."

VoiceSage Financial Services and VoiceSage Credit and Collections Manager are also able to handle message delivery as part of a managed service offering, removing the management burden from businesses. They are available worldwide now, from VoiceSage partners or direct from VoiceSage.

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