Gemalto and NXP partner on NFC technology

Source: Gemalto

Gemalto, a world leader in digital security, and NXP Semiconductors, the independent company founded by Philips, today announced their collaboration on SIM-enabled Near Field Communication (NFC) solutions based on the Single Wire Protocol (SWP).

Both companies will together define and develop SIM products for SWP-based solutions to ensure interoperability with MIFARE technology as well as other widely deployed contactless protocols. This agreement will enable the industry to rapidly address the growing demand for NFC-based applications among telecom operators, service providers and consumers.

This initiative from NXP and Gemalto aims to facilitate the definition of standardized SIM-based NFC products. It will also speed up the availability of SIM-based NFC phones compliant with telecom operators' requirements.

"As co-inventor of NFC, NXP is committed to further broadening and strengthening the ecosystem along with other key industry players," said Christophe Duverne, senior vice president and general manager, identification, NXP Semiconductors. "We expect a significant proportion of NFC mobile phones to use the SIM as the secure element. Through our collaboration with Gemalto, we will define and support a common standard that is fully compliant with the existing contactless infrastructure, leveraging the expertise of our two companies in NFC, MIFARE and SIM. We are confident this will provide the industry with a solid foundation on which to build innovative NFC-based services."

Philippe Vallee, vice president, telecom business unit, Gemalto added, "The availability of SIM-based NFC phones is expected to positively impact operators and service providers, as well as end users. Each and every one of them will gain from this new scheme. It enables operators to provide better value to their installed customer base, while service providers will find new ways to reach more customers. Millions of end users will eventually benefit from value-added services that will simplify their day-to-day lives, such as the ability to reload travel passes or check their latest transaction from anywhere, anytime. Together, Gemalto and NXP are paving the way for a boom in NFC-based applications that will embrace the lifestyle of today's citizens on-the-move."

Following the successful joint evaluation and specification of MIFARE compatibility with SWP technology, NXP is designing a new SIM-enabled NFC chip and SIM chip that support the SWP protocol and provide MIFARE capability. Gemalto is developing a SIM card and trusted service management offering for banks, transport companies and telecom operators to manage the provisioning and the personalization of mobile contactless applications.

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