Arcot joins Oracle Extended Identity Management Ecosystem

Source: Arcot Systems

Arcot Systems, a leading provider of strong authentication and digital signing solutions, today announced it joined the Oracle Extended Identity Management Ecosystem.

As a member of the ecosystem, Arcot's customers can benefit by having Arcot solutions that are integrated with Oracle Identity Management. Arcot's 100 percent software solutions deliver strong authentication with the simplicity of a password, meaning that customers can upgrade their users without changing their users' behavior or having to deploy expensive hardware security devices.

"Arcot's unique, software-based, multi-factor authentication solutions are an ideal complement to Oracle Identity Management solutions," said Ram Varadarajan, president and CEO of Arcot Systems. "Increasing the strength of user authentication to prevent identity fraud is a key concern to many Oracle customers, and Arcot provides the critical first line of defense against identity fraud. Arcot adds a layer of strong authentication to Oracle's common security framework, providing customers with a robust identity and security solution that is easy to deploy, manage, and use."

The Oracle Extended Identity Management Ecosystem provides a single, standards-based identity management framework. It delivers pre-tested and value added integrations organizations can use to extend their security systems beyond traditional access and identity management infrastructures to help improve compliance, reduce operating costs and enhance security.

Within this Ecosystem, Arcot integrated its WebFort 100 percent software, two-factor, strong authentication solution with the Oracle Access Manager, a component of Oracle Identity Management. By integrating WebFort to Oracle Access Manager, customers can achieve a more complete end-to-end access solution that delivers the convenience of Web single sign-on with strong authentication. At the same time, Arcot's approach maintains the simplicity of a username/password interface.

Additionally, Arcot announced that its offering is certified for Oracle Real Application Clusters. Combining Oracle Real Application Clusters and Arcot WebFort provides enterprise customers with strong authentication in a highly available, clustered and scalable database framework.

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