ECom selects Metavante for online bill payment provision

Source: Metavante

Metavante Corporation, the banking and payments technology subsidiary of Marshall & Ilsley Corporation (NYSE: MI), today announced Corporate Network eCom (eCom) has named Metavante its provider of online bill payment solutions and will resell Metavante's entire electronic presentment and payment solution.

eCom, a credit union service organization, is a majority-owned subsidiary of U.S. Central.

Created to provide online bill payment solutions exclusively to corporate credit unions and their member credit unions, eCom will convert its more than 200 existing credit unions to Metavante online bill payment solutions in 2008. Through the Metavante-eCom relationship, corporate credit unions and their member credit unions now have access to a wide-ranging and flexible set of online bill payment deployment options, everything from remittance processing to a fully hosted electronic presentment and payment solution.

"eCom has committed itself to delivering cost-effective, flexible and customizable bill pay services that corporate credit unions, credit unions and their members will find easy to use. Before choosing Metavante, our due diligence had to confirm that Metavante solutions can deliver on the specific requirements of credit unions and enhance their Internet service offerings in a way that helps build stronger member relationships," said Marcie Haitema, executive vice president of correspondent services for U.S. Central and presiding manager of eCom. "Beyond its technical excellence around bill pay, Metavante has clearly demonstrated its ability to collaborate with eCom, exhibiting a core commitment to the usability of online bill pay from the perspective of the consumer."

"As a result of eCom's arrangement with Metavante and its strong relationship with U.S. Central, Metavante has an attractive payments opportunity in the credit union movement," said Dave Fortney, Metavante chief technology officer. "eCom has entrusted Metavante to be its provider of online bill payment solutions for corporate credit unions and their member credit unions, and we will make good on eCom's recommendation by focusing on satisfaction with a quality of service only a broad-based payments provider can deliver. Helping eCom build strong payments technology solutions for corporate crredit unions, and in turn, credit unions, will be a measure of our success."

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