BancTec adds CheckFree's Web Capture technology to PayCourier product

Source: BancTec

BancTec, a global provider of advanced, high volume image capture, payment processing, and infrastructure support solutions, announced today that it has integrated CheckFree's Source Capture Suite/Web Capture solution into its PayCourier payment processing solution under the terms of an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement.

Combining the two solutions can enable PayCourier customers to accept payments at a business location such as corporate office, then send them electronically to their bank's centralized lockbox processing center. This feature can eliminate the need to re-mail payments to the processing center, resulting in reduced customer costs and accelerated processing.

"We are committed to providing extended payment processing capabilities to our customers, and the CheckFree Web Capture solution allows us to achieve that objective in a very fast and efficient manner," said Simon Fisher, vice president Global Product Services for BancTec. "Careful evaluation demonstrated that CheckFree's Web Capture has the security, ease-of-deployment, robustness and scalability necessary to merge seamlessly into our service oriented strategy for developing and deploying payment and document solutions."

CheckFree's Web Capture is a solution for businesses that would typically capture any number of items a day. It is an easy-to-use, browser-based solution offering check image capture and processing and requiring minimal software at the client site.

A key benefit of adding Web Capture to BancTec's payment processing solution is enabling end customers to capture payments over-the-counter, thus complementing their primary, high-speed capture operations. The new function can also capture exceptions and can handle "unclean" payments, ensuring that operations are streamlined and fully optimized to include workflows such as single, multiple, check and list and document capture. To ensure that images are eligible for Check 21, a fully integrated image quality control module is included within the solution.

Another core feature available in the complex payment options includes the ability to capture full pages using either a personal desktop scanner or a flow mode combo scanner, thus enabling branch personnel to key and correct information not properly read by the scanner.

"CheckFree's service-oriented solution was a great match to quickly and seamlessly integrate with BancTec's premier offering, which can significantly increase the value to BancTec's PayCourier corporate customers," said Mike Ringuette, general manager of Payments Solutions for CheckFree Software. "We are pleased that BancTec has selected our solutions to help their customers process transactions faster and reduce their costs."

"We believe this partnership with CheckFree provides the perfect complement to our payment processing and document capture solutions, such as the industry-leading IntelliScan XDS," said Mark Fairchild, senior vice president of technology and portfolio management for BancTec. "As we work with CheckFree we look forward to investigating other ways to improve our offerings."

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