LeveL ATS talks up trading volumes

Source: LeveL ATS

LeveL ATS, which launched in late 2006, has made dramatic strides with exceeding 75 million executed shares on July 26.

This follows the achievement of 30 million executed shares on July 13 - just two weeks ago.

"LeveL has seen impressive growth by bringing significant value to the industry, resulting in a strong increase in our client base," said Whit Conary, President of LeveL ATS. "One of the most attractive drivers has been the notable price improvement and diverse liquidity offered by LeveL's unique trading model."

LeveL is a dark pool ATS, which provides non-displayed, off-exchange liquidity. It delivers an advanced tool kit including an open API for integration with algorithm suites and other types of automated trading.

"LeveL maintained exceptional system stability during a period in the market that has shown extreme volatility and record volumes," said Mr. Conary. "This stability is a key factor in creating a secure trading environment."

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