SEI releases workflow and document management tool

Source: SEI

SEI (Nasdaq: SEIC), a leading global provider of outsourced asset management, investment processing and investment operations solutions, today announced that it has launched a new workflow and document management tool to enhance its private equity operations outsourcing services.

The tool leverages existing SEI workflow technology in use for other investment products to enable a more structured, and ultimately paperless, business process environment for private equity funds. It is designed to create new levels of efficiency and accuracy by automating tasks and increasing standardization.

SEI's workflow and document management tool is built on a flexible architecture, and is customized for the needs and processes of both SEI and its clients. It features a unique document management service for clients that indexes and distributes important documents in real time while creating an electronic audit trail of the entire process. The automated processing environment creates new quality control measures while enabling a more effective means of allocating resources and managing productivity.

"We're applying the expertise we've developed around workflow processes and data management to create a private equity outsourcing solution that's unrivaled in the industry," said Jim Cass, Managing Director, SEI's Investment Manager Services division. "The result is a more scalable infrastructure that adds transparency and mitigates risk. With the private equity industry growing so rapidly, we're enabling managers to capitalize on that growth by staying focused on gathering and deploying capital."

"We continue to invest in developing tools and services that add value to investment managers and support all their potential investment products," said John Alshefski, Head of Business Development for SEI's Investment Manager Services division. "We've had terrific growth in the private equity space as well as the overall funds outsourcing business and these types of tools only add to our competitive advantage."

The workflow and document management tool was rolled out after an extensive development and testing process. SEI's private equity fund services include accounting, treasury, reporting, capital call and LP services. SEI currently services more than 80 funds utilizing its private equity platform.

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