CheckFree upgrades Accurate NXG

Source: CheckFree

CheckFree Corporation (Nasdaq: CKFR) today announced the availability of Accurate NXG version 2.12, the latest release of its leading reconciliation and exception management solution.

Through a rich, thin-client web browser interface, ease of deployment and increased functionality - such as an additional 160 reconciliation data fields - the latest release provides new enhancements for financial services clients of CheckFree and their customers.

Deploying the applications through a web browser will reduce the cost and time involved in distributing the solution to large numbers of users or user communities that are geographically dispersed. More companies can now take full advantage of the breadth of Accurate NXG's functions - Reconciliation, Workflow, Reporting and Report Store - through a rich thin-client web browser interface.

The new release also has increased scalability to support companies with large numbers of reconciliations, high data volumes or numbers of users. CheckFree testing found that performance of a typical batch processing schedule shows improvements of approximately 30 percent over the previous release, and end user activities achieve results more than 40 percent faster. Results may vary based on individual client environments.

"The ability to take advantage of CheckFree Accurate NXG functionality via the web, the increase in reconciliation data matching fields and the ease of deployment - clients do not have to perform any installation - makes Accurate NXG 2.12 the right solution for customers that want greater control over their reconciliations," said Mark Cappell, senior vice president and general director, reconciliation and exception management, CheckFree Software. "This new version reinforces our commitment to provide the best installed reconciliation solution in the world, which is central to CheckFree's Applied Operational Intelligence approach to doing business."

Accurate NXG version 2.12 version also completes the re-architecture of the thin-client modules into a more scalable Java-based architecture. Built upon enterprise-strength Java J2EE application servers, the Java based architecture is now used across all thin-client modules, including the Reconciliation, Workflow, Reporting, Report Store and Maintenance modules, and forms a baseline for future functionality and performance.

"Accurate NXG version 2.12 uses innovative Web 2.0 technology, coupled with the new Java-based architecture to deliver a rewarding user experience on the web platform," commented Andy Mellor, product manager, reconciliation and exception management, CheckFree Software. "The Web 2.0 features result in a highly rich thin-client application, supporting collaboration among users both within and beyond the organisation."

CheckFree's Applied Operational Intelligence approach helps clients drive profitability and performance by combining innovative software, proven expertise and business intelligence, competencies of reconciliation, exception management, transaction process management, corporate actions processing, payments processing, risk management and compliance. The Applied Operational Intelligence approach is expressly designed to manage risk and efficiency, while leveraging business intelligence to achieve measurable return on investment.

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