SmartPay Jieyin receives Chinese information security certification

Source: SmartPay Jieyin

SmartPay Jieyin, a leading e-payment services provider in China, announced today that it has become amongst the first payments companies in China to obtain National Information Security Certification from China Information Technology Security Certification Center (CNITSEC).

Greg Shen, CEO of SmartPay, commented, "Financial payment service providers are growing in scope and maturity. Attaching importance to the security and stability of the payment platform and improving continuously is a fundamental necessity to drive the whole industry forward."

CNITSEC is a Chinese government authority designed to fulfill national IT security certification responsibilities. It is mandated for IT security products, information systems and service providers to ensure product and service quality and security management.

After a rigorous procedure of systematic evaluation, test and inspection conducted by CNITSEC covering security management, security engineering and security technology, SmartPay received the top security certification. As an e-payment pioneer and a mobile payment leader in China, SmartPay has been operating an advanced payment platform, centralized with mobile, Internet, telephone and stored-value-account SVA functions, developed independently by SmartPay's in house technology experts. Adopting international standards, SmartPay's payment platform provides a high level of security, stability and compatibility. With 6 years' e-payment operation, SmartPay has utilized various approaches on operating procedures, security technology and real-time monitoring to ensure the transaction system runs steady and orderly, and ensure the secure transaction data. In addition, systemic management of the platform security has been increasingly enhanced. All of these elements contribute to SmartPay's status as a trusted partner for banks and merchants.

SmartPay has leveraged its presence with extensive merchants including mobile top-up, e-ticketing, utility bills, mobile lottery and digital products. Meanwhile, SmartPay has been dedicated to satisfy the customer and merchants' increased demands for various safe and convenient payment channels.

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