Motorola joins Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council

Source: Motorola

Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT) today announced that the company's enterprise mobility business is now a member of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council.

The council was established in 2004 to help prevent theft of consumers' financial account data in retail environments such as home repair, department and grocery stores.

"Motorola created the first commercial wireless LAN (WLAN) to mobilize retailers' applications for capturing and moving information in real-time. With nearly 20 years of experience, we have extensive expertise building wireless networks for the retail industry," said Sujai Hajela, vice president and general manager, enterprise WLAN division for Motorola's Enterprise Mobility Solutions. "Our involvement and contributions to the PCI Security Standards Council reflects Motorola's continued commitment to bringing the best security practices to the market for helping protect consumer account data."

Motorola's enterprise WLAN portfolio offers a standard feature set - requiring no additional hardware or software - for a simple, economical solution to PCI compliance. The enterprise WLAN infrastructure products include an integrated firewall between a company's wireless traffic and the rest of the network, and support the latest encryption and authentication standards available from IEEE, including Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and WPA2. The portfolio includes intrusion detection system (IDS) functionality, allowing retailers to determine what mobile devices are connected to their network.

Motorola's comprehensive sensor-based wireless intrusion protection system (wireless IPS) monitors, detects, protects and helps prevent intrusions to a wireless network. When integrated with the WLAN, Motorola's wireless IPS solution further enhances the security features to deliver mobile client-based intrusion detection that can disable difficult to detect rogue mobile clients and devices, ensuring maximum up-time and peak network performance. To help retail stores meet PCI compliance, the wireless IPS solution also provides comprehensive compliance reporting and advanced forensics.

Motorola's wireless IPS brings value to PCI compliance with new forensics reporting and network reporting features. Designed specifically for PCI compliance, forensics reporting summarizes the state of the network during the report duration, and provides an overall view of how compliant or non-compliant the environment was during a given period. With Motorola's Wireless IPS solution, a dedicated server has a data storage capability, allowing a business to review issues that occurred in prior days or weeks.

Motorola's enterprise WLAN solutions enable seamless mobility within buildings and across campuses. Products in the enterprise WLAN portfolio include thin, full-function and mesh access points, wireless switches and RF switches that can manage up to 3,000 access points. In addition to Wi-Fi hardware, Motorola's enterprise WLAN offers a comprehensive mobility and network management solution and wireless network security suite that includes wireless intrusion protection to help ensure and enforce regulatory compliance.

The solutions are part of Motorola's MOTOwi4 portfolio of innovative wireless broadband solutions and services that complement and complete IP networks. Delivering IP coverage to virtually all spaces both indoors and outdoors, the MOTOwi4 portfolio also includes fixed broadband, mesh, broadband over powerline and WiMAX.

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