Credit Union One outsources core processing to Harland

Source: Harland Financial Solutions

One of Michigan's largest credit unions, Credit Union ONE, has become the latest UltraData Enterprise client, signing a seven-year contract with Harland Financial Solutions to operate the solution in-house.

Additionally, credit union service organization (CUSO) ONE's Technologies, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Credit Union ONE, is transferring its core processing business to Harland Financial Solutions.

Credit Union ONE is not only the owner of ONE's Technologies, but also one of the 18 credit unions within ONE's Technologies CUSO client base currently utilizing UltraData Enterprise in an outsourced environment. As part of this transaction with Harland Financial Solutions, the institution will formally bring the solution in-house. The remaining 17 credit unions within the ONE's Technologies CUSO family will transfer administration of the core processing system from ONE's Technologies directly to the Harland Financial Solutions Enterprise Services Center in Des Moines, Iowa and operate UltraData in a service bureau environment.

"We greatly value our partnership with Harland Financial Solutions through ONE's Technologies and the wide spectrum of integrated products and services offered with UltraData Enterprise," said Gary A. Moody, president and chief executive officer for Credit Union ONE. "Transferring Credit Union ONE's business solution in-house will allow us to re-allocate all of our information technology resources to our core business, and will better position the credit union for future growth and enhanced member value."

For more than 20 years, ONE's Technologies has provided service bureau processing as a CUSO to Michigan credit unions. ONE's Technologies has utilized Harland Financial Solutions' UltraData Enterprise Platform for 10 of those years. This long-standing, strategic partnership with Harland Financial Solutions has provided a foundation for growth and stability for all of its clients.

The transfer of business paves the way for the CUSO credit unions to continue to grow at their own pace, while leveraging the benefits of a direct relationship with Harland Financial Solutions. "We are confident our clients will continue to receive the support and high level of service we have provided to them for over twenty years," said David Breuer, senior vice president and chief information officer of ONE's Technologies.

"Michigan is an important state within our nationwide client base, and we are pleased to be the primary core provider to many credit unions in that state," said David McConney, executive vice president of Harland Financial Solutions' Credit Union Core Systems Group. "Harland Financial Solutions prides itself on its long-term, mutually successful, strategic partnerships. As the existing partnerships come closer together, we are laying the foundation for continued success at an even faster pace. This opportunity will open new doors for growth and success for each institution to serve its unique memberships with other Harland Financial Solutions products."

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