Atradius streamlines customer comms with Thunderhead

Source: Thunderhead

Atradius, one of the world's largest credit insurers, has selected Thunderhead to streamline the daily generation of thousands of customer-facing documents.

Thunderhead technology will manage the creation of contracts, insurance policies and written communications for offices across 40 countries. Previously, IT experts had to produce a new document template every time a customer communication was created or edited. This was labour-intensive for the IT team, and slowed down response times to customer demands. prevented the business responding to customer demands quickly.

The Thunderhead platform will allow Atradius to easily reuse and share content in approved templates, drastically reducing the work required. The simple interface also allows business users to make document changes themselves, without the need for specialist skills.

As the Atradius network grows, Thunderhead's support for international languages enables the insurance company to easily correspond with customers across multiple languages. The previous document generation system could not support the international business in this way.

"Using the Thunderhead platform has transformed the way we create documents and communicate with our customers globally," commented Jon Dartnell, IS Director at Atradius.

"We deal with over 10,000 credit agreements per day, in a heavily regulated industry. Each agreement requires a huge amount of correspondence, which can vary depending on the customers' needs and a specific country's regulations. The creation of, and changes to, complex documents used to take weeks. This can now happen in a matter of minutes - all from a central location."

The Thunderhead platform is able to distribute to multiple channels and its use of open standards is consistent with Atradius' SOA approach to IT infrastructure. Thunderhead's 'out of the box' integration with the existing IBM FileNet Enterprise Content Management solution was also a key factor in Atradius' decision to migrate.

"Atradius is growing quickly in an increasingly regulated industry," commented Glen Manchester, CEO of Thunderhead. "Our technology will ensure Atradius has full control and an audit trail of communications, while also maintaining excellent customer service as it expands globally."

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