Lloyds TSB live with DSTi's Automated Work Distributor

Source: DSTi

Lloyds TSB, one of the UK's largest financial institutions, has today announced the live deployment of DSTi's business process management (BPM) solution, AWD (Automated Work Distributor), to manage the bank's core business processes.

Interfacing to its service orientated architecture (SOA) framework to access business functionality, the deployment is part of Lloyds TSB's Group Manufacturing Program, which is focused on automating common group processes to enhance the customer experience and also provides business efficiencies.

This strategic initiative will use AWD harnessed to the SOA infrastructure to provide a consistent approach to processing work and accessing data.

Lloyds TSB has used AWD in its insurance, lending and banking business units, both in branches and online, since 1997, and has seen considerable improvements in productivity and quality in that time. The Group Manufacturing Program will build on this infrastructure by automating processes thereby enhancing service, reducing duplication and maximising process efficiency.

Ian Thompson, Managing Director, Group Operational Services at Lloyds TSB said, "This is a key initiative which is designed to enhance our already high level of customer service and also supports our group-wide productivity programme.

Ian Thompson continued, "We already have 5,000 AWD users. Our long-standing relationship and record with utilizing AWD across our core business units gave us the confidence that it could deliver to our requirements. We have also been piloting the implementation in our Estate Settlement Unit for some months, and this has demonstrated what can be achieved through the combination of contemporary BPM technologies with enterprise SOA frameworks."

Kim Holloway, Global Sales Director at DSTi said, "This challenging initiative demonstrates the benefits of harnessing BPM and SOA technologies together to deliver automated processes across a large corporate enterprise. AWD's multi-tiered architecture is well suited to interface with SOA infrastructures such as the one being deployed for the Group Manufacturing initiative. Lloyds TSB has embarked on a visionary activity, and we are very excited about the role of AWD in this proogram."

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