TSX deploys Integrity NonStop servers from HP

Source: TSX Group

TSX Group Inc. has successfully completed the next step in the transition to the TSX Quantum Revolution by deploying core trading engine hardware with new HP Integrity NonStop servers that use the Intel Itanium 2 processor.

TSX Group CIO Brenda Hoffman said the new installation, part of the TSXpress initiative, has improved on TSX Group's current trading environment. "This is making our system more efficient as we increase order throughput and at the same time decrease order response times. We are already seeing considerable improvements in these areas."

The Itanium upgrade is aimed at maximizing efficiencies on the current platform.

TSXpress is the final step before the scheduled implementation of TSX Quantum - the new trading and technology platform that will begin rollout later this year.

This new platform, based on new blade technology, is expected to have leading messaging capabilities to be able to meet the ever-changing needs of the marketplace and have response times in the single digit millisecond range, equal to, or better than, any equities exchange group in the world.

TSX Group CEO Richard Nesbitt again reminded the marketplace that TSX Quantum will require participants to prepare for this implementation. "We will be adding substantial performance and capacity to the markets in the next year. We want to offer our customers the opportunity work with us to prepare as we look to the future."

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