DataSynapse upgrades GridServer virtualisation software

Source: DataSynapse

DataSynapse, the global provider of Application Virtualisation software, today announced the newest version of GridServer virtualisation software, making it the first product on the market to offer mega-grid capabilities for grids of up to 20,000 nodes.

GridServer 5 answers the call for improved global administration, including seamless integration with enterprise authorisation frameworks and role-based security policies that allow organisations to protect application integrity in a distributed environment.

These major enhancements give organisations and administrators first-in-class management capabilities based on real-world customer experiences from the DataSynapse client base, many of whom are running global grids of 5,000+ CPUs that span multiple data centres.

Key features of the latest release are:
  • "Low touch" grid administration capabilities that simplify management of mega-grids, including:
    • Enterprise Management Dashboard with Search - GridServer administrators can more easily track, visualise and search grid activity categorised by component, and can use grid-wide searches to quickly locate engines, daemons and services
    • AJAX-enabled dynamic views of current state grid information
  • Advanced optimisation of engine assignments with property-based affinities that enable preference-based workload scheduling.
  • User-Defined Roles for fine-grained security and entitlements with seamless integration to existing authentication and authorisation systems
    • LDAP and Active Directory integration with group/role mappings
    • "Maker-Checker" functions to enable audited coordination and workflow of grid administration of key functions like provisioning and deployment of services.
  • A low latency .NET virtual service implementation is available with the GridServer 5 release that boasts a 2 millisecond task latency that can improve efficiency of fine-grained workloads

The GridServer product is part of DataSynapse's solution to help today's enterprise achieve business-aligned IT by virtualising, distributing and executing application workload in a guaranteed, scalable manner over existing computing resources. By matching application demand with supply of available system and data resources, GridServer provides an "on-demand" environment that dramatically improves application performance, resiliency and uptime. Organisations can dynamically scale any application service, at any time.

"With scalability on demand, businesses can optimise the utilisation of internal resources, reducing cost and complexity as well as achieving greater business agility." said Mark Blowers, senior research analyst at Butler Group. "The end result is to make current applications meet service levels and the objectives of the organisation."

"Over a dozen DataSynapse clients are in production today with mega-grids that exceed 3,000 CPUs, with plans to grow to 10,000 and higher," said Jamie Bernardin, CTO and founder, DataSynapse. "With GridServer 5, DataSynapse significantly simplifies the ease of administering a global, real-time infrastructure."

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