Proformance unveils e-signature technology

Source: Proformance

Proformance, a provider of integrated document automation solutions to the financial services industry, unveiled INFO-CAPTURE, an e-Signature solution that enables customer signatures to be captured in digital format.

In compliance with both the Universal Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and the ESIGNature Act, INFO-CAPTURE enables a customer's signature to be captured with a Topaz Systems Inc. signature pad that records its weight and speed - archiving it in digital format so it may be placed anywhere on a document requiring a customer's signature.

INFO-CAPTURE eliminates paper output when opening a new account by automatically capturing, identifying, indexing and storing documents that are electronically signed by a bank's customer.

A featured scanning component allows driver's licenses and photo IDs to be scanned and stored for future retrieval when a customer's account information is accessed. This feature is intended to help reduce fraud by allowing the teller to verify that the customer is in fact the same person on the photo ID.

"Opening new accounts generates a lot of paper," said Wayne Whaley, CEO of PROFORMANCE. "We saw a need to automate the electronic capture of account documents, customer signatures and photo ID cards, thus eliminating printing and back-office scanning of paper files."

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