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Obopay, the first comprehensive mobile payment service in the U.S., today announced from the BREW 2007 Conference the addition of several new mobile merchants and application providers to its industry-first and rapidly growing Mobile Merchant Platform. These new partners include innovative wireless community and media services provider Xringer Inc., mobile recycling program RIPMobile, online marketplace provider Chegg.com, mobile gaming platform developer Exit Games, and mobile search and advertising firm 4INFO.

"Every business should be thinking about how they can connect with the consumer via the mobile phone," said Obopay CEO Carol L. Realini. "The mobile phone is about to become a powerful transactional device offering consumers the easiest and fastest way to pay for what they want, whenever they want. The time for merchants to take part is now." Obopay's Mobile Merchant Platform transforms the mobile phone into a complete marketing, merchandizing and point-of-sale device for more efficient, real-time transactions. Mobile merchants and application providers can integrate with the platform to better engage consumers via their mobile phones and effectively promote and monetize an endless variety of offerings, both digital and physical. Money from purchases is delivered to the merchant instantly. By utilizing the Mobile Merchant Platform, Obopay partners are facilitating transactions in the following ways:
-- Xringer: One of the premier developers of mobile applications, Xringer is utilizing Obopay to provide retailers, operators and leading brands with the ability to deliver Web-based storefronts on mobile devices as well as to enable shopping, purchasing and point-of-sale mobile marketing directly from consumers' mobile phones.
-- RIPMobile: One of the largest recyclers of cell phones in North America, RIPmobile allows consumers to get paid for sending in their old cell phones-up to $150 per phone. RIPmobile tapped Obopay as the easiest way to pay consumers for phones they choose to send in for sale or recycling.
-- Chegg.com: Creator of a college-focused marketplace where students can buy and sell items such as school books and other items, Chegg uses Obopay to pay its nationwide network of student representatives. Obopay is also used by these student reps to buy and sell goods on college campuses.
-- Exit Games: By incorporating Obopay into Exit Games' Neutron multiplayer mobile gaming platform, multiplayer mobr mobile gaming platform, layer mobr mobile gaming platform, multiplayer mobile gaming platform, Exit Games can enable developers and publishers to provide in-game micro-billing and transactions. This allows publishers to merchandize additional content to users playing games on their mobile phones.
-- 4INFO: By working with Obopay, 4INFO, a mobile search, publishing and advertising company, can allow its advertising partners to sell goods and services from within SMS-based advertisements.

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