FircoSoft integrates latest Swift standards

Source: FircoSoft

In 2007 and for the seventh consecutive year, FircoSoft has been awarded the Swift-Alliance Plug-In label. FircoSoft’s filtering solution (OFAC-Agent Suite) is recognised by SWIFT as a high quality product integrated in SWIFTAlliance, using the SWIFTAlliance Developers Toolkit (ADK).

With SwiftNet Phase 2, Swift has launched its new release of Swift Alliance Access, SAA 6.O, to which banks must migrate before March 2008. Since September 2006 and in order to be compatible with Swift's new release, FircoSoft has upgraded its OFAC-Agent Suite server and ADK components enabling the filtering solution to be plugged-in on SAA 6.0 and to filter the new XML formatted payment messages.

FircoSoft's customers equipped with OFAC-Agent Suite have been able to migrate to SAA 6.0 and to continue their fight against money laundering and terrorist financing by filtering their SWIFT transactions on SAA 6.0.

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