Collis and JCB release contactless card testing product

Source: Collis

Collis, in partnership with JCB, is pleased to announce the release of the JCB J/Speedy Test Suite.

Collis has a excellent longstanding relationship with JCB and are pleased to continue to collaborate on projects together.

Collis is very pleased to announce that the JCB J/Speedy Test Suite is ready for release. Collis has developed this Test Suite in partnership with JCB. This latest joint project further solidifies the excellent relationship that exists between Collis and JCB. In the past, Collis has developed testing tools such as the EMV Personalisation Validation Tool which is used and recommended by JCB.

Collis is a leading global competence centre in the design & testing of electronic transaction systems. Known as knowledge experts, Collis is a market leader in EMV, e-Identification and Mobile industries. Collis provides high quality testing tools, expert consultancy and in-depth training to customers world wide. Collis' Testing Tools include Personalisation and Validation tools for Cards, Terminals, Devices and Host Systems.

Takahiro Horikoshi, Senior Vice President, Card Product Development, Global Infrastructure & Technologies, JCB Co., Ltd., adds: ""JCB is happy to announce having Collis developed the J/Speedy tool, and the tool is ready now. This testing tool allows to bring the testing forward in the vendor's development cycle, and to simplify JCB J/Speedy approval.We believe that this will result in a better and increased acceptance of JCB contactless cards."

Rick Hsu, Managing Director of Collis Asia, comments: ""Collis is pleased to announce that, in partnership with JCB, the JCB J/Speedy functional test suite is ready. The test suite has fully implemented all the test scenarios as specified by JCB.With the test suite, chip manufacturers and/or vendors can pre-test their newly implemented JCB J/Speedy chip to make sure the functionality complies with the specifications.

The JCB J/Speedy Test Suite includes 40+ test cases specified in "JCB Contactless IC Card Certification Program". With Collis' Conclusion Test Platform (required for executing the test cases), it is also easy to add additional test scripts for development purpose."

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