FNB Private Label live with VisionPlus upgrade

Source: First National Bank

FNB Private Label, part of FNB Corporate & Transactional Banking, has gone live with the upgrade of their VisionPLUS account processing system.

First National Bank (FNB) is the oldest bank in South Africa and provides a full range of consumer credit products to their constantly growing customer base. FNB Private Label is a growing provider and administrator of 3rd party branded retail credit cards. As a specialist credit risk technology partner, PIC Solutions has assisted FNB Private Label with the successful upgrade of their Account Processing System from the previous generation, Vision21, to the latest VisionPLUS release 8.17.

PIC Solutions is proud to have been associated with this upgrade to what is considered the world's leading account processing system. This upgrade was a highly-complex 20-man-year project during which close on 2,000 system components were created or customised and more than 5,000 system components were migrated. In addition approximately 10 million data records were converted.

PIC Solutions personnel, using their extensive experience of the VisionPLUS software and of previous VisionPLUS conversions, complemented the FNB project team to effect this upgrade. In addition to completing the upgrade, the VisionPLUS 8.17 solution has been implemented fully compliant with the new National Credit Act (NCA) compliancy requirements.

Leon Bock, CEO of the Private Label division, states, "We have enjoyed a close working relationship with PIC Solutions for a number of years and we are confident about the future prospects for FNB Private Label now that the more powerful and functionally enhanced VisionPLUS 8.17 has gone live."

Mike Crawley, Director of Professional Services at PIC Solutions, adds, "This VisionPLUS upgrade included high level and detailed gap analyses as well as the complex task of ensuring that the VisionPLUS 8.17 base release software was customised, configured and installed according to plan and specification. This VisionPLUS project, which was the first upgrade in South Africa to include full NCA compliance, has successfully gone live. A positive testament to all tthe teams involved in this project."

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