Mony implements AXS-One e-mail and instant messaging compliance system


AXS-One Inc. (AMEX:AXO), a leading provider of e-business solutions, today announced that MONY Group, a financial services holding company with approximately $55 billion in assets, has completed implementation of a state-of the-art corporate compliance solution.

The integrated solution comprises the unique EMC Centera Compliance Edition content addressed storage (CAS) system and the AXS-One(R) Email and Instant Messaging Management Solution for compliance.

According to various research firms, more than 25 billion person-to-person e-mail and instant messages are sent daily worldwide.

The MONY Group implemented the AXS-One/EMC solution to help meet regulatory compliance requirements for instant messaging and e-mail archiving and to assist in providing supervisory review access for the messaging communications of MONY Group's representatives. The initial rollout supporting 2,000 Lotus Notes accounts was completed within a six-week timeframe, with additional accounts now being implemented. The final implementation phase, which begins next month, will support MONY's Instant Messaging application.

Jay Cohen, Chief Corporate Compliance Officer, MONY Group, said, "Before making a final decision, we looked deep under the covers and heavily scrutinized competitive solutions. We needed a scalable, flexible and functionally rich offering that would work in our Lotus Notes environment. The combined solution of AXS-One's Email and Instant Messaging Management software and EMC's Centera Compliance Edition made the most sense for us. The supervisory requirements set by our compliance staff require a solution that can be customized easily and allows for easy, rapid access no matter where the data is stored. We look forward to delivering increasing business value as the solution scales across even more of our enterprise."

"The ever-increasing amount of information that is being shared by e-mail has escalated storage issues as well as increased the need to improve record management procedures for organizations," stated Peter Mojica, Vice President, Product Management for AXS-One. "For regulated organizations such as MONY, specific requirements have been set; however all organizations can benefit from the combined record management solution offered by EMC and AXS-One for such concerns as discovery and knowledge management. Additionally, organizations should get benefits beyond compliance from their archival solutions that contribute to the efficiencies within its operations."

Roy Sanford, EMC's Vice President of Content Addressed Storage, said, "EMC Centera Compliance Edition helps meet the daunting task of managing the growing deluge of electronic records and communications. It also helps customers comply with tightening records retention regulations. EMC's content addressing software makes Centera a non-overwriteable storage medium, and its online availability provides for rapid retrieval of archived e-mail. The integrated solution from EMC and AXS-One offers MONY Group and other customers a scalable solution for retaining and retrieving vital corporate knowledge assets."

The combined solution of AXS-One Email and Instant Message Management and EMC Centera Compliance Edition provides many benefits, such as information lifecycle management options for all archived data, content surveillance, keyword and full-text query capabilities, security and audit trail capabilities, and the storage of messages and attachments on tamperproof storage media.

AXS-One's Email and Instant Messaging Management offering is an enterprise solution that assists any organization in establishing policies and controls for management and compliance objectives. By providing a highly scalable secure content and business process infrastructure that is accessible through Web-Services, the AXS-One Email and Instant Message Management solution addresses the traditional requirements of storage utilization, and policy-driven management of long-term messaging content storage. This helps eliminate the laborious lengthy work associated with manually monitoring and measuring business objectives for compliance and oversight regulations.

EMC Centera CAS is the first storage solution designed from the ground up to solve the challenges associated with managing and storing fixed content or unchanging data. The Centera Compliance Edition includes retention enforcement, which enables compliance officers to set hardened retention periods on electronic records, and satisfies regulations such as SEC Rule17a-4. Centera Compliance Edition also features enhanced disposition, or "shredding," which ensures that deleted data cannot be recovered using disk-scanning tools, and complies with regulations such as Department of Defense Directive 5015.2. Finally, Centera Compliance Edition offers application access security, which permits systems operators to establish access security and authorize activities at the application or server level, and ensures the privacy of sensitive records for regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

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