Nissay Asset Management rolls out Charles River investment management system

Source: Charles River Development

Charles River Development, an award-winning provider of financial software and services to the global investment management community, today announced that Nissay Asset Management Corporation (NAM), one of Japan's leading asset managers with Y7 trillion under management, and a group company of Nippon Life Insurance Company, Japan’s largest insurer, has successfully implemented the Charles River Investment Management System (Charles River IMS) to support its international equity and domestic fixed income operations.

More than 55 NAM users leverage Charles River IMS for international equity and domestic fixed income fund management.

"We continue to be impressed with Charles River's proven knowledge and experience in the Japanese market," said Mr. Yasuaki Osugi, Director, Nissay Asset Management. "The local Charles River team understands Japanese-specific legal and compliance conventions, which they incorporated into a best-of-breed system delivered on time and within budget. This project confirms that we can rely on Charles River to successfully execute on our agreed goals."

This initial implementation is part of a larger project which will incorporate support for all asset classes, and the introduction of FIX (Financial Information eXchange) is considered for the next phase of the project as well. Charles River's technology strategy for NAM included Oracle 10.2 (Japanese) deployed over a Storage Area Network (SAN). Charles River also extended Japanese character support to the front-end of Charles River IMS. Using web services and real-time XML messaging, the service-oriented architecture of Charles River IMS simplified the interface with Nissay's existing systems, including FAIMS and XNET, among others. Clustering supports Nissay's stringent technical requirements for high availability and performance. Charles River's implementation team also successfully tested receipt of real-time pricing information from Quick Active Manager, a market information system widely used in Japan.

"Nissay Asset Management now has a first-class, real-time trading platform that meets Japanese and global requirements," said Cameron Field, Managing Director Asia-Pacific, Charles River Development. "Charles River leveraged the latest technology to support transactions that are crucial to NAM's business success and to adhere to their standards for risk management, high performance and availability."

Charles River's IMS' N-Tier architecture, built on industry standards, supports NAM's needs across a performance-driven SAN environment. Furthermore, it allows NAM to continue to extend and integrate with other mission-critical systems and prepare for the future. Data integrity, data recovery and maintenance now all conform to NAM's technical standards, resulting in ease of application integration across the entire enterprise and more streamlined daily operations.

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