Diebold signs Singapore's DBS Bank to new Agilis EmPower ATM software

Source: Diebold

With the next generation of Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE: DBD) technology, banking customers in Singapore and throughout Asia Pacific can now enjoy customized transactions that are compatible with multiple chip card applications and dispense several foreign currencies.

Diebold's Agilis EmPower software was chosen as the platform for the extensive automated teller machine (ATM) network of Singapore's largest banking group, DBS Bank. DBS selected Diebold's EmPower for its flexible, scalable development capabilities that facilitate quicker time-to-market, as well as many additional benefits for DBS banking customers.

A key criterion for its software upgrade was the ability for DBS to bring new features and functionality to its ATM network through customizable software that is flexible and robust, yet cost effective. As an existing Diebold customer, DBS relied on Diebold's experience and expertise when selecting Agilis EmPower.

"With the largest ATM network in Singapore, we are committed to bringing out the best of Asian values in new and innovative ways for our customers," said Rachel Yap, managing director, DBS' Consumer Banking Network Operations. "This means enhancing our customers' experience at the ATMs. Through Diebold's software, our customers can enjoy quicker and more user-friendly transactions. We can also customize more exciting, new services that will serve our customers all over the region."

Agilis EmPower offers DBS greater flexibility throughout its self-service network, allowing the banking group to build customized transactions by designing and integrating features and functionality that easily respond to customer requirements. DBS also cited a need for future software scalability, which EmPower provides through powerful XML and .NET technology that integrates into multi-level networks and enterprise-level systems.

Diebold's EmPower software is customizable and flexible, making channel integration easier and faster than ever before. With no waiting time for updates or changes, speeding time-to-market, EmPower provides the platform to quickly respond to change. It eliminates the need to code and enables the use of existing code for new transactions, which reduces cost by reusing current applications. EmPower supports the entire Agilis family of software, including Agilis Office Suite, allowing fast, efficient migration to new enterprise-level software with superior stability.

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