Bank of Stockton licenses ClairMail system to power m-banking

Source: ClairMail

ClairMail, the leader in 2-way mobile phone-based customer interaction, today announced that Bank of Stockton, the oldest bank in California still operating under its original charter and a leader in banking technology innovation, selected ClairMail to power its mobile banking offering.

The breakthrough ClairMail System leverages any mobile phone's existing messaging software and capabilities, including short message service (SMS), wireless email and the mobile browser. No new mobile phone software is required. ClairMail is unique in that it operates on any mobile communications device - regardless of carrier, manufacturer, operating system or wireless transmission standard - and will spare Bank of Stockton from the operational nightmare of creating, deploying and supporting software on the thousands of possible handset configurations.

ClairMail System infrastructure resides on-premise behind the bank's firewall and will seamlessly and securely integrate with Bank of Stockton's systems of record, giving the bank direct access to its customers and enabling the bank's customers to directly access their accounts through a host of new mobile banking services, including:
  • On-Demand Account Management - Bank of Stockton customers can check their balances, view their account history, and conduct transactions such as fund transfers.
  • Actionable Alerts - Customers can receive and respond to 2-way alerts for cases such as low balances or check overdrafts, along with the ability to approve or deny certain types of transactions.
  • Enhanced Security - ClairMail provides strong security and convenience without risking customer privacy or exposing confidential data. The ClairMail System's out-of-band confirmation and multiple factors of authentication - even down to the individual transaction level - make it impenetrable to phishing, vishing, man-in-the-middle and similar fraud and identity theft attacks. In fact, the ClairMail System meets and exceeds U.S. Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) requirements for multi-factor authentication.
  • Mobile Payments - Mobile eBills can be delivered directly and paid conveniently using mobile devices.
  • No-Hold Customer Service - A unique feature which allows customers to get into the call center queue without waiting on hold, by simply messaging their bank.

Founded in 1867, Bank of Stockton has always been at the forefront of banking technology innovation and was one of the first banks in California to offer Internet banking. Since then, the bank has continued to pioneer new technology-based services to better serve its customers. Recently, Bank of Stockton decided to offer mobile banking services, given the strong customer demand, and selected the ClairMail System because of its rapid deployment, ease of implementation, familiar user interface and virtually universal access for its customers.

"The Bank of Stockton has always been on the leading edge of banking technology and we strive to provide our customers with convenient tools to perform banking transactions," said Douglass M. Eberhardt, President and CEO of Bank of Stockton. "We chose ClairMail because it offers the most complete, secure and easy-to-use mobile banking solution with no downloads required, making widespread adoption among all of our mobile customers - not just those possessing a specific phone model or affiliated with a particular carrier - fast and expedient."

"A mobile banking solution is only valuable to banks if it is widely embraced by its customers," said Joseph Salesky, CEO of ClairMail. "By using the existing messaging capabilities on mobile devices, ClairMail has enabled Bank of Stockton to quickly and easily provide a comprehensive suite of convenient, secure and on-demand banking services for their increasingly mobile customers."

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