NetEconomy and Fiserv set up financial crime community

Source: NetEconomy

NetEconomy, the global leader in financial crime management and compliance solutions, and business unit of Fiserv (NASDAQ: FISV), today announced the launch of NetPractice, a best-practice NetEconomy user community for connecting ideas, strategies and techniques to help its members excel in the detection and prevention of the growing problem of financial crime.

Initial membership will be free in NetPractice, a members-only NetEconomy networking initiative. Members may connect with their peers of anti-money laundering analysts, fraud investigators and industry experts via the NetPractice portal. There they can access resources, training and best-practice information on compliance and financial crime management strategies. NetPractice also offers a rewards and recognition program where members can earn NetCredits for free on-site training and workshops by contributing experience and expertise to NetPractice services.

Stanley Harmsen van der Vliet, NetPractice's Director, joined NetEconomy last year to spearhead this new initiative from ABN AMRO where he was responsible for managing international projects in the area of compliance and operational risk management. "NetPractice recognizes the critical role that anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-fraud professionals play in the financial world - protecting their firms against non-compliance and serving as the first line of defense against fraudsters and money launderers," said Harmsen van der Vliet. "By launching NetPractice we focus on helping these critical professionals by streamlining the exchange of vital information and best-practice strategies, and providing interactive resources, training and consulting services, to improve their impact on financial crime management and compliance initiatives."

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